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  1. Katie Macdonald says:

    Hey, can’t believe I have just seen this review…. I am a vegan, I have been for over 9 years but the one thing I totally miss is bacon. It just drives me crazy when I get that smell. Couldn’t believe it when I heard you saying I could have bacon popcorn! Within two hours of seeing your video I was in heaven, sat back watching a film and munching on my bacon popcorn!

  2. Terry Jackson says:

    I would have walked straight past this stuff in the store if I hadn’t seen your video review. I just can’t believe how much it tastes like bacon – and the smell……. it makes you hungry!

  3. Linda Stevenson says:

    Where do these companies come up with the flavour ideas? On paper you would think “ bacon popcorn, that will never work” but when you try it, it is brilliant! I couldn’t stop at one bag and ended up polishing off half of the second one too. J&D are genius for coming up with this flavour, I just wonder what they will do next?

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