So what is Gimme Something To Eat (GS2E) about anyway and which breed of people does it take to start something like this?

We are mere mortal men…with way too much time on our hands….and not enough to fill them…during the long, cold Wisconsin winters. So we reached out for what was closest – food and the Internet – the only two things that could sustain us when the temperature outside was 30 below Hell Frozen Over.

Sitting around the table during the month of sub-Arctic January in 2009, while having another epic meal time, we realized that we were all about man vs food – bizarre food; we would eat anything – no matter how weird. And most of the time, we even liked it! So we got the idea to share the insanity with the masses by starting a website. We figured people would actually be interested in the food critique mojo we had going on and from there, Gimme Something To Eat was born. Out of desperation…or hunger….or boredom, you decide. The point is, it’s here now and we want to share it with you. All of it – even the oozing nasty stuff that resembles regurgitated bodily fluids. We are MEN! Hear us CHEW! (Or gag – whichever.)

Aside from doing the online food review bit using food sent to us by our fan base, GS2E wants to take this show on the road. That’s right, friends. We want to include restaurant critiques and restaurant reviews in our collection of foody goodness. We have very flexible schedules that can accommodate most Madison, WI food vendors so if you want your establishment to be first or next, shoot us an email and we’d be happy discuss the specifics with you. Prepare to be entertained because when you put food AND a camera in front of us, there’s no telling what’s liable to happen.

Now for the introductions of two of our most famed Man Eaters:

Fluffy Jon

He ain’t all there, bless his heart. Really, ask anyone that knows him. He’s witty, his sense of humor is off-the-wall and he has the proverbial cast iron stomach. Send him food. Lots and lots of food. He will eat it, no matter what it is. He will critique the fare by putting on a one man show that is sure to entertain – that is if you can stop gagging long enough about him eating what you sent him to actually watch the one man show. Meal times centered around Fluffy John are not to be missed. In the immortal words of the Cast Iron Stomach himself – VIVA LA FLUFFY!


Lil’ Greg

Lil’ Greg is actually a chef by trade with a penchant for butter, cream and other hard on the heart ingredients that the 5 o’clock news warns you about. Nothing in moderation for this glutton, that’s for sure. Low-fat and low-cal are not in his vocabulary. Lil’ Greg has traveled extensively throughout Europe and has adopted, “You only live once” as his motto. Is that the reason he’s willing to eat just about anything and everything? Maybe he should change it to, “You only live once…so be sure and clean your plate.”

If I had a catch phrase for my life it would be “You Only Live Once!” I hate stuck up and un-fun people, “You going to be that boring after your dead too?” Loyalty counts for 50%. Friends are the family you choose. I love food!

Bobby D

Originally born Li Xian Wu in Fujian province China, Bobby D burst upon the world culinary stage when became the preeminent taster for the Spanish Royal Household of King Philip II; after his release from a Spanish prison in 1975. During the 1980’s his skill as a butcher/chocolatier/mime helped him to earn his first Michelin star in Brussels. After a subsequent prison sentence in Belgium, Bobby D once again garnered international attention for preparing the world’s first all Faberge egg omelet. Now semi-retired, Mr. D splits his time between mistresses in Aix-en-Provence, France and Bettendorf, Iowa. Mr. D is a semi-regular contributor to and the New York Times Sunday Magazine.

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